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Given the number of devices in which we can watch and enjoy our favorite movies and other video files, video conversion is an activity that has become just as popular – if not more – as audio conversion. To help you perform all your video conversions in a simple, quick, and reliable way, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro offers you a simple interface, an extensive support for most media codecs, and the possibility to perform some basic edits on them and extract their audio stream as an MP3 file, among other useful features.

This attractive and robust software program adds to the standard functionality present in most media conversion tools the option to download online videos and add them to the conversion list, to upload your converted files to a server of your choice, and high-quality SD-to-HD and vice versa conversion capabilities.

As for its usability, the program doesn’t differ much from the process you need to follow to convert your video files in other similar tools. The program’s support for batch processing will let you create long conversion lists in which you can mix video files in any of the supported formats regardless of where they come from – either your hard disks and other storage devices or directly from the Web via its built-in download manager. Downloading video files requires you to search for the desired online videos using your favorite browser, as no browsing capabilities have been included so far.

Once your conversion list is ready, you can proceed to select the desired output format. The choice is massive – all the most widely used (and some not-so-well-known) media formats are well represented, as well as clearly organized by type, codec, device, etc. Each of these output codecs allows for further customization in order to guarantee that the resulting file fits with your target device’s requirements in full. Regrettably, all the files in the conversion list will be re-encoded into the last format selected, which means that you’ll have to launch as many conversion processes as output formats you require. Likewise, each file can only be converted into one format at a time, so if you wish not only to convert a video file but also extract its audio stream, you’ll need to set up and run two different conversion processes.

Except for this slight lack of flexibility when it comes to the conversion process itself, HD Video Converter Factory Pro is equipped with all the features you need to create new high-quality media files quickly and reliably. Its excellent compression algorithms guarantee HD-to-SD conversions with a minimum loss of quality, reducing their size significantly without really altering their overall image quality. Likewise, its audio extraction and conversion capabilities widely support Dolby 5.1, DTS, and a good choice of lossless audio codecs for the best possible audio quality.

To the novice user, HD Video Converter Factory Pro may look like just another video converter but with a nicer interface. Actually, behind its attractive yet predictable main window, you will find high-quality algorithms, an extensive support for all the codecs you can think of (from basic Standard Definition to 4K), and a basic yet flexible download manager for a fraction of the price some of its competitors will ask you to pay.

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  • Support for UHD, FHD, HD, and SD codecs
  • Converts HD video to SD and vice versa
  • Customizable codec settings
  • Batch video conversion
  • Can merge the output videos into one file
  • Versatile audio extraction


  • No support for multiple output conversion
  • Lacks browsing capabilities to locate video links for download
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